Calcium Chloride Dihydrate

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White flake.
1.Snow-melting and deicing on roads, highways, parking lots, airports and wharves.

2.Oil drilling, drilling fluid, completion fluid, dehydrating agent in petrochemical field.

3.Preventing dust, coal dust and mine dust.

4.Calcium chloride solution used as flocculant in sodium alginate field, cold carrier in refrigeration and cold drink field, and used in sewage treatment.

5.Concrete antifreeze agent to accelerate cement settlement.

Specification Sheet

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Molecular formula CaCl2H4O2
CAS NO. 10035-04-8
Appearance White flake
Purity  w/% ≥74.0
Degree of alkalinity [in Ca(OH)2]  w/% ≤0.2
Output Annual output 70,000 tons
Shelf life One year
Storage Stored in a cool ventilated place indoors, moisture-proof, forbid exposing in the sun
Package 25Kg/bag; 1 ton/bag
Plastic woven bag (lined with 1 layer of PE bag)

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